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Hotel Rooms’ Most Bacteria-Laden Surfaces? Don’t Touch That Dial

hotel room bacteria remote

Whenever I stay in a hotel room, I’m a little wary of the throw pillows, a bit skittish about the television remote and would never even consider taking a bath. Perhaps I’m being overly paranoid, but as a slight germaphobe, I figure it doesn’t hurt to be a little cautious. New preliminary research vindicates at [...]

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Will the Taliban Succeed with Polio Warfare?

bar chart of drone casualty statistics 2004-2012

At first glance, the news that the Taliban have reportedly decided to ban polio vaccinations for 160,000 children in tribal regions of Pakistan as a way of protesting ongoing drone attacks by the U.S. might seem foolishly counter-productive. As Ed Yong put it in on Twitter, “Taliban to US: “If you don’t stop killing our [...]

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