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Dr. Fist-Bump


Image Credit: Ghareeb et al. (2013), Journal of Hospital Infection Source: Fist Bumps for Germophobes by Christina Agapakis on Oscillator The thought of outlawing handshakes and making fist bumps mandatory for hospital employees might strike you as rather amusing. But in studies that attempt to quantify the transfer of potential pathogens via customary greetings such [...]

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Hotel Rooms’ Most Bacteria-Laden Surfaces? Don’t Touch That Dial

hotel room bacteria remote

Whenever I stay in a hotel room, I’m a little wary of the throw pillows, a bit skittish about the television remote and would never even consider taking a bath. Perhaps I’m being overly paranoid, but as a slight germaphobe, I figure it doesn’t hurt to be a little cautious. New preliminary research vindicates at [...]

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Will the Taliban Succeed with Polio Warfare?

bar chart of drone casualty statistics 2004-2012

At first glance, the news that the Taliban have reportedly decided to ban polio vaccinations for 160,000 children in tribal regions of Pakistan as a way of protesting ongoing drone attacks by the U.S. might seem foolishly counter-productive. As Ed Yong put it in on Twitter, “Taliban to US: “If you don’t stop killing our [...]

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