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New Salmonella strain delivers gene-based therapy to fight virus in mice

salmonella can be used to transport gene-therapy antivirals

Most people do their best to avoid contact with Salmonella. This bacteria genus, which often lives on poultry and can find its way into other food products, causes hundreds of thousands of illnesses—and hundreds of deaths—in the U.S. each year. But new research demonstrates that this common food pathogen could be disarmed and reconfigured as [...]

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Athlete alert: Is genetic juicing set to replace steroids?

gene therapy doping athlete olympics

When Olympic medals and multi-million-dollar contracts are at stake, athletes and coaches have been known to resort to drastic measures to strike gold. But as the steroid era evolves amidst increased testing and public hectoring, what other performance booster will enter the ring? Gene therapy, say a host of researchers, three of whom call for [...]

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