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Paging Dr. Watson: IBM to apply Jeopardy! victor’s analytic skills to medical diagnoses

Sony, Jeopardy, IBM, computer

The answer is: For its next assignment, this Jeopardy! champion will have to work on its bedside manner. If you replied, "What is Watson?" give yourself a round of applause. With last night’s big game show victory under its belt, IBM has its sights set on applying the high-performance computer’s advanced analytics capabilities to the [...]

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Oh, the humanity: Jeopardy! champs aim to take down IBM’s Watson computer

IBM, game

As IBM preps for its next big man–machine showdown (and latest high-tech publicity stunt), Scientific American took a brief, informal, unscientific poll on Monday of 26 print and online staffers to determine whether there was a consensus on who would win this week’s Jeopardy! tournament, by how much and why. We’ll look at the poll’s [...]

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