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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Preview: Apps Replace Operating Systems

In a sign of just how important content and mobility have become to gadget lovers, network providers and device makers will take center stage at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week in Las Vegas. For the first time since 1997 Microsoft won’t deliver a keynote touting its latest version of Windows. Chipmaker [...]

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E-book lending services ramping up as e-readers storm the market

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Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and other sellers of electronic books and readers have been working to improve upon the experience of getting lost in a good read. Until recently, however, the rapidly growing e-literature market has been hard-pressed to emulate one of the fundamental joys of book ownership—lending. Over the past month Amazon, Barnes [...]

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Can greener gadgets save us from e-waste?


One laptop per child seems a simple slogan, chock full of benefit. What could go wrong when you put the power of the Internet and solar cells into the hands of children in the developing world? After all, not only does it train the global underclass in the tools of modern production, it also unleashes [...]

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