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Obama and Romney Should Talk about Climate Change at Next Debate

Somebody please ask Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama to talk about climate change at the next debate for crying out loud! Or what to do about growing fresh water shortages or protecting the Internet or addressing any of the other fundamental challenges the U.S. faces in the coming years that are based on [...]

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New Agreement Aims to Keep Great Lakes’ Water Clean


This week, the U.S. and Canada signed a historic update to the agreement to protect the water quality of the Great Lakes. The lakes could use some help. The five Great Lakes have a history of being used as a dumping ground for pollution. The 30 million people who live in surrounding states are relying [...]

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Heat Waves and Water Use Go Hand-in-Hand


With excessive heat spreading across the country, people are seeking relief by retreating indoors, turning up the AC, and staying well hydrated. In many parts of the country, particularly the Southeast and Southwest, the heat is exacerbated by ongoing drought, which means water is on everyone’s mind and is being used at increased rates. It’s [...]

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