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Food Matters

When Food Becomes Foe

Nut Allergy Warning

I’ve devoted several past blogs to gluten sensitivity, but people report trouble with a variety of different food ingredients – from soy to seafood. The trouble seems to differ though. Some people must avoid peanuts due to severe, life-threatening reactions. But others have gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, ranging from bloating to throwing up, that seem to [...]

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What Processed Food Looks Like during Digestion—Of Course It’s Not Pretty [Video]

If you ever wondered how your body handled all those packaged ramen noodles you ate during college, this video’s for you. Stefani Bardin, a TEDxManhattan fellow, wants to learn how digestion differs between food chock full of preservatives and food that can actually go bad in a day. To create this video, she and her [...]

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What’s in Your Wiener? Hot Dog Ingredients Explained

science hot dog ingredients explained for fourth of july bbq

This Fourth of July holiday, collectively Americans will eat some 150 million hot dogs, according to industry analysts. Lined up, that substantial serving of frankfurters would stretch from sea to shining sea—several times. As of last year, franks made by industry stalwart Oscar Mayer (from Kraft) got knocked out of first place for most-consumed dogs [...]

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