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Shopping Habits Reveal Personal Details in “Anonymized” Data

Credit/Source: PhotoDisc/ Getty Images

Details about where and when you use your credit card could help reveal your identity to data thieves—even if they don’t know your name, address and other personal information. That’s according to the latest study to poke holes in the notion that anonymous data records are an effective way to protect privacy. Businesses, medical facilities [...]

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The Day the World’s ATMs Stood Still—or Didn’t

Image courtesy of Shaners Becker, via Wikimedia Commons.

You’re probably on tenterhooks wondering what will happen to your reliable, convenient ATM on April 8, the day Microsoft officially sticks a fork in its hugely popular Windows XP operating system. You’re not? Did you know that more than 75 percent of the world’s automated teller machines use XP? And that an outdated operating system [...]

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What Are the Warning Signs of Tipping Points?

largemouth bass, ecosystem, Peter Lake

Predictions of tipping points in ecology, climate change, medical outcomes and other complex systems are a primary goal for many researchers. The pursuit of insights into the timing of critical transitions is no easy way to make a living, particularly because random events can trigger such changes and warning signs are easily missed or misinterpreted. [...]

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