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Supermassive Black Holes Make Merging Galaxies Green

The galaxy NGC 5972 is wreathed in glowing green bands of ionized oxygen

Green as a color can mean animal, vegetable or mineral. It is the stuff of crocodiles, chlorophyll and copper patina, the essence of serpentine or of snakes in the grass, the hue of a glacial lake, a stagnant pond and the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day. Green seems to be everywhere you look—everywhere, that [...]

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Quasars at 50: Luminous Cosmic Beacons Remain a Puzzle

Quasar 3C 273 with jet

Fifty years ago, in the journal Nature, astronomer Maarten Schmidt published a brief paper noting that a star-like object known as 3C 273 was simply too far away to be a star in the Milky Way. Schmidt, of the California Institute of Technology, concluded on the basis of spectroscopic observations that the object was most [...]

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