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Compound Eye

Ant Science in Brazil: A Photo Essay


If you follow Compound Eye, you are probably aware that we have been extremely boring since early May. So boring were we, in fact, that we haven’t actually posted anything. We apologize for the dearth. Our absence was for good cause, though! Mrs. Myrmecos and I have been travelling through southern Brazil with only sporadic [...]

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All Aboard: how you can be a part of our research blog

Hi there! I’m Rose, a science journalist and producer. I live in Brooklyn now, where I write, produce and generally try to explain science-y things. But in a few weeks, I’ll be writing to you from somewhere far, far away from Brooklyn: the North Atlantic Ocean. I’m heading out to sea with a research group [...]

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Thank You, Scientific Research Diving at USC Dornsife

Today is the end of a series of dispatches we posted on our Expeditions blog – The ‘Problems Without Passports’ program at USC takes two experienced instructors and a number of students to do underwater research on the islands of Guam and Palau. I have immensely enjoyed working with the group and reading their posts [...]

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