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Biomechatronics aims to erase the entire concept of ‘disability’

Hugh Herr at Idea Festival

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—Hugh Herr has made it his mission to eliminate the word "disabled" from our vocabulary when describing people who require assistance of some sort to perform the daily tasks that most people take for granted. Listening to Herr speak here Thursday at Idea Festival, it’s not hard to believe he’ll succeed. Herr’s credibility comes [...]

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Exoskeleton defines a new class of warrior [Video]

Raytheon, exoskeleton, robot, military

Technology has always defined how wars are fought, from swords to bows and arrows through the invention of gunpowder and the dawn of the aircraft and, now, to the presence of laser-guided unmanned aerial drones and bomb-diffusing robots. The U.S. military is now hoping the next decade will see a new class of warrior—a faster, [...]

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