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Lifestyle Choices Could Affect Gene Sequences That Code for Cancer

Couch potatoing. (Credit: El Alvi via Flickr)

It’s no secret that diet and exercise can directly impact our health. But for many people, genetic predisposition to disease – be it hypertension or diabetes or cancer – is often perceived as a risk that is out of their hands. New findings in the field of epigenetics, however, suggest that we may have more [...]

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Growth Factor: How Bacterial Infections Persist through Antibiotics [Video]

bacteria persists with antibiotics by growing

Some strains of nasty bacterial infections, such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), come loaded with resistance to antibiotics built right into their genes. But certain infections seem to acquire an ability to persist in the face of drugs that should knock them out—without developing the genetic hallmarks of antibiotic resistance. For decades, researchers have thought [...]

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Welcome to the Center for Epigenetic Cloning


Welcome to the Center for Epigenetic Cloning. Within, you will find epigenetic clones of Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Napoleon and Jesus. From the Center’s press release: The procedure is completely noninvasive. Neither Merkel nor Gaga have been notified, nor have Napoleon and Christ needed to be exhumed. “We’re doing it entirely with data [...]

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