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Food Matters

Can Steel Stop Garlic’s Stink?

  It took me a while to come around to garlic. Now, I find it delicious, whether powdered on pizza, fire-roasted, swirled into curries and casseroles, or chopped fresh onto french fries. So, once you’ve handled garlic, how do you get that pungent odor out of your fingertips? Mark Lorch, of Chemistry Blog and Try This at [...]

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Mice movement neurons regenerated after spinal cord injury


Researchers have been searching for decades for a way to mend damage to the spinal cord, an injury that can lead to life-long paralysis. Even the smallest of breaks in these crucial central nerve fibers can result in the loss of leg, arm and other bodily functions. And attempts to prompt healing, through stem cells [...]

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The Curious Wavefunction

Gene duplication frees up enzymes for molecular promiscuity

Chemists studying metabolism in living organisms usually classify it into two kinds; primary and secondary. Primary metabolism is concerned with the production and reactions of essential biomolecules like proteins, sugars and lipids. Secondary metabolism refers to the production of small molecules which, although not essential, are still important in a variety of key functions. Secondary [...]

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