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The Environmental Fallout of Greener Buildings

Spray Foam Insulation

Newer homes are remarkably energy tight thanks to superior insulating materials that are in wide circulation today. The energy savings can be substantial – homeowners can use up to 60% less energy in the most efficient green homes. Now, a study published by a team of researchers in Building Research & Information makes it clear [...]

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Is There a Future for Wilderness?


Wilderness is dead, long live the Wilderness Act. On Sept. 3, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson and the U.S. Congress signed into law the Wilderness Act. The law was the culmination of a populist movement that began with the founding of Yosemite all the way back in 1890. But the Act was also about a very [...]

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Earth Day 2012: The Best and Worst Pronouncements


April 22 marks the 42nd annual Earth Day observance. In recent years, the week running up to Earth Day has become increasingly filled with a riotous mix of news that ranges from inspired initiatives to thinly veiled partisanship and shameless exploitation. As a journalist who covers energy, environment and sustainability issues, I get many of [...]

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A Riot of Color Covers SciArt in America for December


The cover to the December issue of SciArt in America magazine is like an explosion in my face. Check out the insane post-apocalyptic enviro-nightmare by painter Alexis Rockman: One of my favourite things about SciArt in America as a magazine, site, and brick & mortar center is that it largely was created out of the ethos, [...]

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The SciArt Buzz: ScienceArt On Exhibit In May/June 2013


If I only had a private jet at my beck and call, I could zip around the country to all these fine exhibits… sigh! _____________ EXHIBITS: NORTHEAST REGION Princeton University’s ART of SCIENCE May 10, 2013 – Atrium, Friend Center Engineering Library Princeton University 35 Olden Street Princeton, NJ The Art of Science exhibition marks [...]

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