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SciArt in the Crowd

SciArt in the Crowd

Welcome to a new feature here on Symbiartic! SciArt in the Crowd will share some of the most interesting crowdfunding projects by a variety of artists engaged in SciArt.

March 31, 2015 — Glendon Mellow
The Attack of the Giant Water Bug

The Attack of the Giant Water Bug

In the creeks and ponds of the world — including America — lives an insect that can reach four inches long and bears a pair of giant pincers and a beak for injective digestive enzymes into its victim.

August 27, 2013 — Jennifer Frazer

Decoding the Remarkable Algorithms of Ants

The biologist Deborah Gordon has uncovered how ant colonies search efficiently without central organization, an insight that might improve computer networks

July 21, 2015 — Emily Singer and Quanta Magazine

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