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Psychedelic Chemist and “Godfather of Ecstasy” Alexander Shulgin Dies at 88

Credit: Wikimedia commons

Alexander Shulgin, chemist and renowned psychonaut who acquainted the world with the drug MDMA – or Ecstasy – died Monday evening at his home in Lafayette, Calif. after a battle with liver cancer. Shulgin spent much of his life synthesizing and experimenting with hundreds of psychedelic drugs, which he believed would give people a better [...]

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The White Noise

Did Ecstasy cause a teen to kill his parents or am I at a ’90s rave?


“I took X. I took X! We were out on the town, and it was wild,” so said an Australian acquaintance of mine after returning from a night on the town with her husband for an entertainment industry premiere. She spoke in hushed, giddy laughter, somehow as perfectly solemn as it was light. She had [...]

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