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Breath Test Could Sniff Out Infections in Minutes

breath test to detect lung infection

Bacteria hiding in the lungs might not be able to hide much longer. Although traditional tests can take days or weeks to culture to determine the presence of certain harmful bacteria—such as those that cause tuberculosis—a much more rapid technique for detecting lung infections might be on the horizon. Researchers have developed a test that [...]

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Cell Phone Cameras Capture Microscopic Images to Diagnose Malaria and other Diseases


Smart phone apps can help you check your vision, keep tabs on your blood-glucose levels and track your blood pressure. Earlier this year the U.S. Food and Drug Administration even approved an app that allows doctors to view scans on an iPhone or iPad to help them make diagnoses on the go. But fancy apps [...]

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Unofficial Prognosis

Finding the Right Confidence Interval

“Stick to your guns.” “Put your nickel down.” “Stand your ground.” If you’re a medical student, there is an excellent chance you have heard one of these in the course of your training. Confidence is an entrenched element of medical culture. Say what you will about TV representations of medical training, but one thing Scrubs [...]

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