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Extinction Countdown

Australians team up to help a rare marsupial after a cyclone devastates its habitat

Whenever an endangered species lives in just one location, it is at increased risk of being wiped out by a single disease, fire or catastrophic weather event. One such species, the endangered mahogany glider (Petaurus gracilis), is lucky that it wasn’t washed away when Cyclone Yasi hit its sole habitat in northern Queensland, Australia, on [...]

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Cassini Spacecraft Reveals Unprecedented Saturn Storm

Saturn storm, 2011

Just as regions of our planet have monsoon season, or tornado season, so too does Saturn have its own stormy season. Once every Saturn year or so—which corresponds to roughly 30 Earth years—a giant, churning storm works its way through the clouds of Saturn’s northern hemisphere, sometimes encircling the entire planet like a belt. Lasting [...]

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