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CT-Imaging Provides New View of Baby Mammoths [Video]

Lyuba outside

LAS VEGAS–Three-dimensional medical imaging of two baby woolly mammoths from Siberia named Lyuba and Khroma has given scientists an unprecedented view of the internal anatomy of these creatures. At the annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Ethan Shirley and Daniel Fisher of the University of Michigan and their colleagues presented the results of [...]

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King Henri IV’s mummified head identified 400 years after assassination

king henry iv of france whose embalmed severed head was identified

The severed head of King Henri IV has been identified from the jumbled remains in the mass graves in Paris’s Royal Basilica of Saint-Denis. A team of researchers used a host of scientific strategies to confirm the head’s owner, who was killed in 1610. During his two decades as king of France (and 37 years [...]

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Hospital error leads to CT scan radiation overdoses in 206 patients

Cedars-Sinai,CT scan,stroke,Häggström

How well do hospital medical technicians know their equipment? Not well enough in the case of some health care workers at Cedars–Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where 206 x-ray computed tomography (CT) scan patients were given eight times the normal dose of radiation during brain scans over an 18-month period. The Los Angeles Times [...]

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