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How Quickly Would Measles Spread If Too Few People Were Vaccinated? [Video]

A vial of the MMR vaccine and needles in a pile

This simulation models what 80 percent vaccination rates of school-age children would look like vs. 95 percent

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How Computers Could Reduce the Spread of HIV

computer model spread hiv prevention program

Condom use, earlier treatment and increased education have gone a long way to reducing HIV spread in the U.S. Nonetheless, some 4,000 inhabitants of New York City still became infected with HIV in 2009. Injection drug users make up a small portion of the new infections (just over 4 percent in NYC, and about 9 percent [...]

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Elegance of Spider Webs Helps Make Them Strong [Video]

orb spider web

Spiders’ silk has been the envy of materials engineers for decades. Its combination of flexibility and durability has been difficult to match with even the most advanced technology. “It is stronger than steel and tougher than Kevlar by weight,” Markus Buehler, an engineer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said in a prepared statement. A new [...]

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