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Facing Up to Online Murder and Other Cyber Crimes

Crime scence, do not cross. (Credit: Yumi Kimura/Flickr)

A recent report from Europol’s European Cybercrime Center includes a forecast that the world’s first “online murder” will likely occur before the end of 2014. Obviously this is a frightening concept and one that a number of news outlets quickly seized upon with ominous headlines. However, there’s a far more dangerous story that underlies this [...]

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Guest Blog

A Universe Made of Stories: Why We Need a Science and Technology Dialogue

In quantum mechanics, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle holds that it is impossible to determine both the position and momentum of a particle. Heisenberg’s breakthrough relates to a subject of vital importance to America: the need for better communications practices in the science and technology fields. Communications is my profession, and I am concerned by what I [...]

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‘Chimp Pope’ Launches Scientist-Artist Blogging Partnership

No matter what you think about the Catholic Church, the “Chimp Pope” image (at left) by figurative/narrative artist Nathaniel Gold probably holds your attention and gives you pause about the latest hullabaloo. You can see a color, glossy version of the chimp pope on page 34 of Gold’s book, The Chimpanzee Manifesto, (Jessian Press, 2009). [...]

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Portable, personal 3G base stations to shrink, play a big role in 4G LTE network rollouts

communications, wireless, Picochip

Over the past two years, telecommunications carriers have come to endorse, and even sell, portable base stations called femtocells (or, depending up on the vendor, picocells or microcells) used to boost wireless 3G signals to smart phones and other wireless devices in areas where network coverage is poor. New developments in femtocells—essentially desktop cell phone [...]

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Octopus Chronicles

What Can an Octopus Teach Us about National Security? A Q&A with Ecologist Rafe Sagarin

learning from the octopus rafe sagarin

Octopuses possess camouflage abilities that put some of our military’s best high-tech efforts to shame. And their flexible, intelligent arms are the envy of roboticists and artificial intelligence engineers worldwide. But these animals, which have evolved over hundreds of millions of years, can teach us even more about security in the 21st century than camo [...]

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More and Better Science en Español: a Call to Action


Para leer esta entrada en Español, presione aquí. Few communities encompass as many challenges and opportunities as the 53 million Hispanics living in the United States. Hispanics or Latinos have the second highest poverty rate and the overall lowest educational attainment[1] [2] in the nation. They also have some of the lowest levels of science [...]

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