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Simply Brilliant Science: Creating Healthier Eggs for a Healthier You

When Omega Eggs (eggs containing Omega fatty acids) first appeared on the mass market in the early 2000s I had this bizarre image in my head of a semi-crazed scientist extracting the yolk with a giant syringe, swirling it about in a beaker with a neon blue solution to extract the bad fat, injecting it [...]

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The 500-lb. Chicken From Hell


Source: 500-Pound “Chicken from Hell” Dinosaur Once Roamed North America by Kate Wong at Observations Illustration credit: Mark Klingler, Carnegie Museum of Natural History Nothing you could find in any hen house could prepare you for the 11.5-foot tall, 500-lb. behemoth that roamed the landscape 66-million years ago in what is today North and South [...]

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Transgenic chickens get bird flu without passing it on

transgenic gm chicken that could help stop the spread of bird avian flu

Researchers have engineered a new type of chicken that might help prevent the spread of bird flu—a worrisome virus that has already caused extensive economic harm on farms, especially in Asia, and that could lead to a pandemic in humans. Many farmers have gone to great lengths to prevent a poultry-based pandemic, but the newest [...]

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Think of All Those Eggs You Missed!


Here on Symbiartic we are embarking upon an exciting new experiment. We are taking a science theme every couple of months and presenting you with one new original piece of science art from each of us – a fine artist (Glendon Mellow), a science comic (Katie McKissick), and a scientific illustrator (yours truly). Our first [...]

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