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No high-tech high five, this robot uses a beanbag for a hand

robot, Cornell, Chicago, iRobot,DARPA

It’s far from easy to design a robot with one controllable joint, so imagine the difficulty of creating an artificial hand and its numerous knuckles. A team of researchers from the University of Chicago, Cornell University, iRobot Corp. and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) may have found a way around this challenge by [...]

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Hyperlapse Know How

From Moving Through New York by George Tompkinson

I ran across this hyperlapse video of Singapore the other day: It got me thinking of a few other cities given the hyperlapse treatment, like Dubai: So I wondered, “What exactly is hyperlapse and how is it done?” I found a brief description at Know Your Meme website: “Hyperlapse Photography is a filmmaking technique that [...]

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Non-Native Chicago Wildlife

Happy Birthday to Siesta at the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago!

Mid-February, I took a science-themed trip to Chicago. I absolutely had to visit the new orphaned baby otter adopted by the Shedd Aquarium. I also could not turn down a chance to offer a one year happy birthday greeting to the two toed sloth born at Lincoln Park Zoo last year around Valentine’s Day. First, [...]

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Science for Grown-ups in Chicago

Tiger love

I will be in Chicago this week attending science events aimed at grown-ups. If you don’t know the city, check out this tilt-shift video. Incredible! What started as a trip to view the work-in-progress film about cold fusion called “The Believers” (see my post), has become a bit of an adventure. I will briefly fill [...]

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Roots of Unity

A Higher Murder Rate than New York and Los Angeles Combined

Non-Violence, a sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd in Malmö, Sweden. Image: Francois Polito, via Wikimedia Commons.

Today on the radio, I heard an announcer say, “Chicago has a higher murder rate than New York and Los Angeles combined.” The compassionate human being in me cringed, and the statistical pedant in me also cringed. What does that mean? When I heard, “New York and Los Angeles combined,” I intuitively thought of combining [...]

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