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Can the World Afford Cheap Water?


More people in India have access to cellphones than to basic sanitation. Meanwhile, more than 7,000 villages in the northwestern part of the country suffer drinking water shortages as the water table in this breadbasket region continues to drop. And the same story can be told all over the world, according to participants of a [...]

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Do You Know What Happens to Your Cellphone When You’re Done with It?

DURBAN, South Africa—I rented a cellphone during my sojourn here to cover the recent climate change negotiations. A local number enabled me to keep in touch with home and office but also, perhaps more importantly, to make appointments on the fly with ever harried international negotiators. The Nokia 2330—which was dubbed, affectionately, my “hellphone” by [...]

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Energy Economics: What Will Turn Us On in 2030?


Advanced lithium-ion batteries may be all the rage for electric cars, but that doesn’t mean one no longer faces drain anxiety when sitting in the audience of an energy conference taking notes on a laptop while a speaker extols their virtues. Sadly, my battery (and at least one other reporter’s) went kaput while attending the [...]

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Plugged In

The Kludge: A Panegyric

When I was in the fourth grade, a friend took a long plane trip. Plane trips in those days being remarkable, he brought back as a souvenir for me the headset he used for watching the movie. The headset was a pair of rubber tubes, like those for a stethoscope, which ended in rubbery earpieces [...]

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