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How the Body’s Cells Hold on Tight

Credit: Timothée Vignaud and Colleagues, CEA, France

Using mathematics to model a cell’s force-producing machine

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Researchers Win Nobel for Cell Transport System

This year’s Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology was—true to the often-overlooked second half of its name—awarded for discoveries in basic physiology. The 2013 prize recognizes ground-breaking research into how cells use simple bubbles of fatty molecules (known as vesicles [pdf]) to safely transport proteins and hormones from one compartment to another within cells as [...]

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Biotech researchers join forces to advance a possible blood test for cancer

cancer, cell

Efforts to develop a simple blood test that can detect the presence and spread of cancer are poised to take a big step forward in 2011 now that Johnson & Johnson Co. is combining its efforts in this area with Massachusetts General Hospital. The two organizations Monday announced a collaboration to create a new technology [...]

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