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A Modest Mussel Is Making Waves


Image: A mussel shell engraved by Homo erectus between 540,000 and 430,000 years ago Credit: Wim Lustenhouwer, VU University Amsterdam Source: Kate Wong’s World’s Oldest Engraving Upends Theory of Homo sapiens Uniqueness on Observations These scratches may not look like much but they predate the existence of our species, Homo sapiens, and upend any claim [...]

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Ancient Indonesian Cave Paintings Force Rethink of Art’s Origin

Cave painting of a babirusa

Archaeologists have determined that artwork found in limestone caves on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is far older than previously thought. First documented in the 1950s, the images–stencils of human hands and depictions of animals—were assumed to be less than 10,000 years old. Paintings older than that would not survive in such a tropical environment, [...]

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“Supernova” Cave Art Myth Debunked

photo of the White Mesa rock art thought to be the Crab supernova

Thousands of years ago a star exploded in a supernova, leaving behind the glorious riot of colored gas we see now as the Crab Nebula. The light from this explosion reached Earth in 1054 A.D., creating what looked like a new bright star in the sky as recorded by ancient Chinese and Arab astronomers. Native [...]

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Oldest Cave Paintings May Be Creations of Neandertals, Not Modern Humans

el castillo hands

In a cave in northwestern Spain called El Castillo, ancient artists decorated a stretch of limestone wall with dozens of depictions of human hands. They seem to have made the images by pressing a hand to the wall and then blowing red pigment on it, creating a sort of stencil. Hand stencils are a common [...]

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Tagging Science Art

Another one by Banksy, the metaphor about cleaning up cave paintings comes through like a splash of cold water. I love this one. {link url=""}Image source{/link}

Pssshhh!  This blog has been tagged for Cities month on Scientific American. Street science-art. Yeah, the science is often incorrect or out of date.  The conceptually popular and wildly incorrect ‘Ascent of Man’ is popular with street artists. It interests me how much of this counter-cultural art movement in our public spaces addresses evolution over [...]

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