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Meet the Science in Action Finalists

Who will win the first $50,000 Science in Action prize, sponsored by Scientific American? This award, offered as part of the 2012 Google Science Fair, will recognize a student project that addresses a social, environmental, ethical, health or welfare issue to make a practical difference to the lives of a group or community, and that [...]

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Food Matters

Fish Feast

three salmon pieces on a chopping board

Families across America are likely snacking on a surplus of turkey, ham and chicken leftover from last week’s holiday meals. But for some Italian-American families, seafood was the protein of choice. Seven different types of seafood, to be exact. In the traditional Southern Italian “Feast of the Seven Fishes,” families partake in at least seven [...]

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Food Matters

The new/old way to get your daily dose of olive oil

olive oil

Olive oil is a trendy fat that’s been heralded as a way to ward off heart disease, frequently as a part of a larger dietary pattern known as the Mediterranean diet. A recent Cochrane review concluded that the Mediterranean diet appears to reduce some heart disease risk factors.  This age-old diet typically encourages plentiful use [...]

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Surgery for Extreme Obesity Produces Long-Term, Dramatic Weight Loss and Diabetes Remission

gastric bypass surgery for obese weight loss lowers diabetes

NEW YORK CITY—More than 30 million of the Americans classified as obese or extremely obese might benefit from surgery that reconstructs the stomach to accommodate less food. A new study shows that gastric bypass surgery, which leads to weight loss and improvement of related health problems, may yield long-term health benefits. Earlier research had shown [...]

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