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Google’s Cars Sniff Out Natural Gas Leaks to Deliver Cleaner Air


Of all the things to be leaking methane on Staten Island in New York City—corroded gas pipes, sewers, the Fresh Kills dump—who would have suspected the mail truck? But as I circled a Staten Island neighborhood in a specially equipped Google car, it was a parked mail truck that proved to be sending the biggest [...]

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Tesla Triumphs: Electric Car Bests the Rest


Since America’s love affair with cars really got rolling after World War II, nothing but a gasoline-burning internal combustion engine would do. Until now. The gearheads at Motor Trend have named the Tesla Model S the car of the year for 2013—the first time an all-electric vehicle has ever won the honor. “The turning point [...]

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Smoke and Mirrors: Driving While High on Marijuana Doubles One’s Chances of a Serious Car Crash

pot smoking

Booze is behind an estimated 2.1 million car accidents each year in the U.S.—which cause almost 11,000 traffic fatalities annually. But many drug users have claimed that a few puffs of pot before getting behind the wheel are perfectly harmless. A new study, however, shows that drivers who smoke marijuana within a few hours of [...]

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Hybrid Owners Pay the Most for Car Repairs Nationwide, Report Says


Americans love cars, especially when they’re running well and not in the shop. When our veteran vehicles do need repairs, a behind-the-scenes company called Corp. collects statistics from garages and dealers nationwide on the repaired parts, the costs of these jobs, and where they were performed. After nearly 14 years of compiling this data [...]

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Plugged In

Wireless EV Charging: But It Still Won’t Fit in Your Pocket

One of my first posts for Plugged In involved the electric car. Now, remember: it’s hard to get too worked up about electric cars. They’re better than gas burners, to be sure, but that’s setting the bar pretty low: electric cars are basically coal-burners that continue to enable sprawl and all its problems while being [...]

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