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Is the “war on cancer” winnable? 40 years after the unofficial declaration, the disease is spreading throughout the globe

cancer cell war on cancer is 40

Pervasive, elusive and tough, cancer has proved to be a formidable foe against generations of bright and well-funded researchers. Although there was never an official declaration, military rhetoric became the cliché among journalists covering cancer research as President Nixon signed the U.S. National Cancer Act in December 1971. The "reconnaissance" might be completed in labs [...]

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Conquering cancer with implants? Bioengineered vaccines and magnetic nanodiscs show promise

cancer vaccine implant

Rather than surgically removing tumors, what if doctors could simply implant new tools in our bodies to do the work internally? One team of researchers has been able to vanquish tumors in mice by implanting bioengineered disks filled with tumor-specific antigens, and another has developed magnetized nanodiscs to induce cancer cells to destroy themselves.  Numerous [...]

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