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Fat Tuesday: Caloric Restriction’s Days Are Numbered

Whereas monkeys that are put on a restricted diet long-term may be healthier than monkeys that are fed 50% more, they don’t live longer. But you have to admit, the monkeys do look spritely.

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Chew on This: More Mastication Cuts Calorie Intake by 12 Percent

chewing on apple

About a century ago, a new craze gripped the country’s health conscious: mastication. Chewing each bite of food precisely 32 times would help people control how much food they consumed—turning them from gluttons to epicureans—according to the early 20th-century dietician Horace Fletcher. Among his many ardent adherents the tactic became known as "Fletcherizing." And Fletcher, [...]

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An hour of daily exercise helped women stay trim–If they had normal BMIs

hour exercise women age weight

Taking the stairs, taking a hike, taking a yoga class, or any other moderate physical activity recently helped thousands of healthy women maintain their weight for 13 years without cutting calories, a new study reports. The only catch is that it only worked for women with a normal body mass index (BMI) who exercised for [...]

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