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Beautiful Minds

Profiling Serial Creators


Every single day, all across the globe, extraordinarily creative and talented students sit in our classrooms bored out of their minds. These budding innovators may differ drastically in what particular domain captivates their attention, whether it’s science and engineering, architecture and design, arts, music and entertainment, business and finance, law, or health care. Nevertheless, as Richard Florida [...]

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Compound Eye

To make money from science photographs, specialize


A reader emails: I have been doing nature and wildlife photography for some years now, mostly as an advanced hobby, and have been expanding my efforts in arthropoda and macro work. I am at some disadvantage in this regard since I am one of dem unedumacated types who has to look up nearly everything he [...]

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Do Words Match Deeds for WhatsApp CEO?


Before Jan Koum sold his company, WhatsApp, to Facebook for a mind-numbing $19 billion, he had a Post-It note affixed to his desk—put there by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton—that set out the company’s philosophy: “No ads, no games, no gimmicks.” Facebook relies heavily on all three. The contrast between the business model and philosophy of [...]

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Slum-Dog Marketing Introduces the Janitor as Consumer Role Model

Chrysler recruited Eminem to plug  its 200 Sedan during the Super Bowl. George Clooney has shilled Martini vermouth. “Influentials,” as they are known by consumer marketers, have been around since way before Ronald Reagan was doing spots for GE in the 1950s. The marketing of high-tech gadgetry and a few other selected products, however, can [...]

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Cisco, GE and Xerox CEOs: 4 challenges facing U.S. industry, and how to fix them

CES, Xerox, Cisco, GE

LAS VEGAS—Chief executives from some of the world’s largest companies laid out the keys to developing the next generation of innovative technology during Friday’s opening panel discussion here at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. Education, immigration, taxes and export policy all need to be fixed to allow the U.S. to continue to flourish in the [...]

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Five Tips to Get You Started as a Science Artist


Last month, my co-blogger Glendon Mellow wrote a great summary for scientists who are wondering how to go about hiring science illustrators. It was received with open arms in the research community (cool, they seem receptive) and made me think of the many, many inquiries I get each year from emerging science illustrators who want [...]

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Advice from a Freelancing Guru


Freelancing is tough. Most of us learn on the job and get a lot of bumps and scrapes along the way. There are success stories, though, and if you can master the basics of Small Business 101 the benefits of being your own boss and managing your own schedule are rewarding. When I look around [...]

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