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More Belt-Tightening in Store for NASA as STEM Education Programs Face Consolidation

Copies of the 2013 federal budget

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has just released President Obama’s budget request for 2014. It will take some time for the budget’s full impacts on science to be dissected and debated, but here is a quick look at how one closely watched agency—NASA—fared. The president’s budget, which is subject to Congressional [...]

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Could Medicaid Benefits Get Pushed off the Fiscal Cliff?

medicaid fiscal cliff debate budget health care reform

Medicaid provides benefits to more than 60 million Americans, including millions of children, who might not otherwise be able to afford medical care. This sizable government program has been sheltered from large federal cuts but is now vulnerable because of the ongoing talks in Washington to close the budget gap and avoid the fiscal cliff. [...]

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