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Googling E.T., Mind Reading and Other Crazy Ideas That Just Might Work

A talent search preceding this year’s TED conference turned up enough startlingly smart prodigies to lend an American Idol feel to the event. There was the 15-year-old who invented a better test for pancreatic cancer, the 18-year-old who presented his second nuclear reactor design, and the 13-year-old  who strung flickering light-emitting diodes around his family’s [...]

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The Thoughtful Animal

Published! Cortical Thickness, Reading Skill, and Reading Experience

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I received my masters degree in 2009. After a loooong review process, the research that I conducted for my masters thesis – my first first-author publication – is finally published and online! Before beginning the research I’m currently doing, I started grad school conducting MRI research of reading and dyslexia. In this study, I established [...]

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