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Image of the Week

A Genome is Not a Blueprint


Image: 1936 Joy Oil gas station blueprints (top); sequence from human chromosome 1 (bottom). Source: from A Monkey’s Blueprint by Martin Krzywinski on SA Visual When artist Martin Krzywinski was challenged to come up with a graphic that quickly and concisely shows how the human genome is more similar to chimpanzee and bonobo genomes than [...]

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Not bad science

What Are You Looking At?: Is Gaze-Following Particularly Human?

gaze (2)

Imagine that you walk into a room, where three people are sitting, facing you. Their faces are oriented towards you, but all three of them have their eyes directed towards the left side of the room. You would probably follow their gaze to the point where they were looking (if you weren’t too unnerved to [...]

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Troubled Ape Facility Reinstates Controversial Researcher

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh and infant bonobo Teco

A troubled ape research facility in Des Moines, Iowa, has elected to reinstate a controversial scientist who has come under fire for allegedly putting the resident bonobos in harm’s way. The decision has elicited grave concerns from outside primatologists. This past September, the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary (IPLS) placed then executive director and senior scientist [...]

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Why Chimpanzees Kill

male chimp

Chimpanzees are mostly peaceable creatures, spending much of their time foraging for food and grooming each other. But occasionally they kill their own kind. Why they engage in these lethal bouts of aggression has been uncertain. One theory holds that killing is an evolved strategy for reducing competition for resources; another posits that human disturbance—including [...]

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