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Free Birth Control Access Can Reduce Abortion Rate by More Than Half

free birth control abortion unintended pregnancy

Earlier this year, the Affordable Care Act began requiring private insurance agencies to offer many contraceptives at no cost to consumers. This change was an effort to remove cost as an obstacle to women to choose to use birth control. It might also have the added benefit of reducing abortion rates, according to new research [...]

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Free Birth Control, Reproductive Services for Women Starting August 1

free birth control preventive services august 1 aca

Since last August, I’ve been counting down the days until my 30th birthday this Wednesday. You see, I’ve got money coming my way—not just in the form of birthday checks from my grandmother and aunts—but an even larger chunk of change, spread out over the entire year. Starting August 1, I, along with millions of [...]

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Will birth control solve climate change?

An additional 150 people join the ranks of humanity every minute, a pace that could lead our numbers to reach nine billion by 2050. Changing that peak population number alone could save at least 1.4 billion metric tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere each year by 2050, according to a new analysis—the equivalent of [...]

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