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Reconstructed Face of Extinct “Hobbit” Species Is Startlingly Humanlike

Face of the hobbit, Homo floresiensis

Once upon a time a tiny human species with large feet shared the planet with our own kind. It hunted giant rats and miniature cousins of the elephant, defended its kills from monstrous storks and dodged fearsome dragons. This is not the plot of a lost Tolkien book. This really happened. I’m referring, of course, [...]

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3.3-Million-Year-Old Baby Shows Lucy’s Species Hung Out in Trees

Selam, a juvenile Australopithecus afarensis specimen

The advent of upright walking was a really big deal in human evolution. Scientists have posited that it allowed our ancestors to see above the savanna grass (the better to spot predators and prey), to carry tools and food and babies, to travel long distances more efficiently and to better strut their stuff for potential [...]

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Is This Your Long-Lost Ancestor?

Australopithecus sediba skull

In the spring of 2010, the world met Australopithecus sediba, a nearly two-million-year-old human relative whose remains were found at a site just a short drive from Johannesburg, South Africa. By all accounts, it was an extraordinary discovery: two beautifully preserved partial skeletons–a juvenile male and an adult female–with the promise of more individuals to [...]

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