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President Obama Awards National Medals of Science and Technology at the White House

“You have improved our lives in ways that are practical and inspirational,” said President Barack Obama. He saluted the top U.S. researchers with the highest honors bestowed by the U.S. government, the National Science and Technology Medals. At the White House ceremony on February 1, he honored 12 winners for the National Medals of Science [...]

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Drown your town: real life Austin, Texas edition


A flooded Austin, Texas as seen from the air and water.

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Central Texas Is on Fire–Vulnerability, the Grid and the View from Space


Not to be outdone by the East Coast, we are fighting through our own natural disasters here in Texas. Nearly two dozen large wildfires are burning across Texas. The latest batch is in and around Austin, TX. The largest fire is in Bastrop County, only 25 miles east of Austin. Another fire in the upscale [...]

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Small Science-Themed Art


December 1st is the deadline to participate in an exciting annual exhibit at the Art.Science.Gallery in Austin, TX. For years, artists have created small trading cards to exchange amongst themselves at conferences and gatherings, but according to the rules of exchange, these cards must never be bought or sold. Art.Science.Gallery, a brick-and-mortar gallery in Austin, [...]

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Road Kill So Perty You Can Bring It Home To Ma


Most people swerve around road kill in hopes of avoiding the gore, or worse, the dreaded thwump that indicates you added your treadmarks to the list of said road kill’s insults. But a few crazy people will screech to a halt to see what got hit. Two of these folks just happen to be researchers, [...]

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