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Cocktail Party Physics

Don’t Be Dissin’ the Bohr Model!


One of the standout anecdotes in Carl Zimmer’s most excellent compilation, Science Ink (a.k.a. My Favorite Science Book of 2011 And Possibly Ever) occurs in the first few pages: “A former student [physics major] got a tattoo of a cartoon atom on the back of one of his legs. He told me that the first [...]

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Critical Opalescence

Quantum Horse Races and Crystals of Light

I’d heard of quantum dice, quantum poker, quantum roulette, and even quantum Russian roulette, but a quantum horse race? I learned about this surreal game of chance last December during a symposium at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore. Start with a row of rubidium atoms, place your bets, let ʼem go, and measure [...]

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The Blurry Line between Small and Quantum Small

The late physicist Erwin Schrodinger was probably relieved to know that flesh and blood cats are too big to behave according to the laws of quantum physics. His intellectual heirs, however, no longer have that luxury. The line between the large and the small is not so clear cut as it was in Schrodinger’s day. [...]

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World’s Smallest Stop Motion Movie Made with Atoms!

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 10.07.20 AM

A darling stop motion video was released yesterday and is already a big hit. IBM took the challenge of moving 5,000 atoms around in order to create a short stop motion video, capturing the images using a scanning tunneling microscope. How important is the scanning tunneling microscope in science? Half of the 1986 Nobel Prize [...]

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The Countdown

Miniature Big Bang Created in Ultracold Lab, and More – The Countdown, Episode 30

Cheng Chin of the University of Chicago stands in front of his ultra-cold vacuum chamber.

More to explore: Earth life ‘may have come from Mars’ (BBC News) Maybe Mars Seeded Earth’s Life, Maybe It Didn’t (Scientific American Blog Network) China Plans Its First Unmanned Moon Landing This Year (New York Times) China to launch lunar probe for landing mission (Xinhua) NASA Data Reveals Mega-Canyon under Greenland Ice Sheet (NASA) Space [...]

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