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IBM Movie Does Claymation–in Atomic Scale [Video]


What is the “final frontier”? Star Trek fans will tell you it’s space. Filmmaker/aquanaut James Cameron will tell you it’s the ocean’s depths. IBM, however, is thinking much smaller. The company’s research division on Wednesday released a stop-motion movie whose main character is a stick figure only a few atoms in size. “A Boy and [...]

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Do You Use GPS? Say “Thanks” to Norman Ramsey (1915–2011)

Norman Ramsey from Nobel Prize

Norman F. Ramsey may not be a household name, but he was a giant of 20th-century experimental physics. His basic-science work earned him the 1989 Nobel Prize in Physics and laid the foundation for technologies now used by millions of people. He died last Friday at the age of 96. In exploring how atoms and [...]

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Carbon monoxide man, and other pictures you can draw with molecules

Back in 1995, I had the pleasure of visiting the IBM Almaden lab of Donald Eigler, who was announced today as a winner of this year’s Kavli Prize for his work on nanoscience. Eigler made his mark nearly two decades ago when he showed how he could move individual atoms around with a scanning tunneling [...]

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