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Google escalates standoff with China by postponing the launch of two new Android phones

Google, China, censorship, Internet, Android

Even as Google considers its options in China, the company Wednesday postponed the launch in that country of two mobile phones running its Android operating system. Google has asked for cooperation from Motorola and Samsung Electronics (the companies that make the new phones) to postpone their release until the fate of its standoff with the [...]

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Google Droid is here: Can it go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPhone?

Motorola, Droid, Android, Google

The flood of Google Droid mobile phone reviews in the past week suggests that if the two devices stepped into the ring together, it would end like the first Rocky movie. Like Apollo Creed, the iPhone would still be the champ by a split decision by virtue of its status as the smooth-stepping veteran in [...]

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