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Science on the White House lawn


“Ooh, science!” said the mom, two little ones in tow. “We like science!” I was at the Lawrence Hall of Science station during the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House yesterday, a tradition since 1878. Last year, the Obama administration added a new element: science activities.

Our station offered two fast lessons in aerodynamics, perfect for the warm breezes on a balmy D.C. day. Kids could make their own hand-decorated, colorful paper kites or “Bunnycopters,” folded paper rotors that, when tossed by small arms, spun through the air. For directions on how to make them visit How to Smile.

In addition to the Berkeley, Calif.,-based Lawrence Science Center folks, our station had volunteers from NSF, NOAA the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp. and elsewhere. We came from different places, but enjoyed a collective desire to share the wonder of science with kids.

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