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What’s Smaller Than Mark Zuckerberg?

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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The Facebook IPO earlier this month left us a bit disappointed. There were financial and ethical let-downs. But the over-arching surprise is that people were misled in advance about the value of the company. Yes, it has assembled one of the world’s largest potential marketplaces, but beyond advertising, the social network still has no killer method for monetizing its audience in a way that it will tolerate.

So we tip our hats to MBA Online for coming up with a novel way to look at the IPO outcome for Mark Zuckerberg, creator and CEO of what is currently the most widely used social networking service in the world.

Smaller Than Zuckerberg
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Robin Lloyd About the Author: Robin Lloyd is the news editor at Scientific American, where she assigns and edits online stories, oversees the Web site's home page and rewrites a lot of headlines. Follow on Twitter @robinlloyd99.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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  1. 1. jkansier 5:41 am 05/27/2012

    This young man is brilliant. Smarter than William Gates at 28…questionable. To quote the ancient…’bigger is not always better’. However, some friendly advice for the lad…Don’t fight your fellow Wall St. colleagues Mark…just slip on a jacket…it does not need to be from King’s Row…just play their game. Avoid pissing off the stuffy high priced MBA’s, you might find yourself in a position where you might need them.

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  2. 2. Fairly 1:32 am 05/28/2012

    Fairly Book – Connected with friends
    It’s a social networking site. It helps connected peoples with other. Fairlybook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. So Register Now….

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  3. 3. Dr. Strangelove 1:39 am 05/28/2012

    These MBAs have a smaller brain than accountants. They don’t know the difference between asset, revenue and income.

    $19.1 B is the value of Facebook shares. It’s an asset. The bottom 1/5 of US refers to annual family income. GDP is total net revenues of a country, excluding double revenue entries. The porn industry figure probably refers to total annual revenues. The salaries of atheletes are annual income.

    They are comparing apples and oranges. They should compare an asset with assets or the net present value (NPV) of an annual income.

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