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New at Scientific American : Introducing the blog network!

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We have an exciting announcement to make this morning. Our new blog network has launched!

To our existing lineup of eight blogs you are all familiar with, we have added another 39. There are now six editorial blogs, six personal blogs written by our editors and staff, and 42 independent bloggers who will write on our platform starting today.

Bookmark the new Blogs Home Page and read the official press release.

Editor in Chief Mariette DiChristina, has written a welcome post, explaining what the network means to Scientific American.

And I have written an introductory post in which I introduce all the blogs and bloggers on our brand- new network.

This is a stellar lineup of bloggers. Give them a hearty welcome in the comments of their introductory posts, and keep coming back to read their amazing writing.

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  1. 1. Mythusmage 5:43 pm 07/5/2011

    Hope it works out well for you.

    BTW, First! :)

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  2. 2. LoftyAmbitions 6:01 pm 07/5/2011

    This sounds great. Consider it bookmarked. And if you’re looking for a blog to add, take a look at We’ve just begun our third series on the space shuttle, and we’ll be at the KSC News Center soon. The blog focuses on science of the twentieth century and beyond, aviation and space exploration, and writing collaboratively.

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  3. 3. MA-writer 10:54 pm 07/5/2011

    Congratulations, Bora and the SciAm blogs!

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