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Japan’s nuclear crisis and tsunami recovery via Twitter and other Web resources

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Conditions are changing rapidly at the Fukushima power plant, where at least two of its six nuclear reactors have partially melted down. The editors of Scientific American are following the developments, and part of the effort involves following various Twitter users. Here are a few we are following:
International Atomic Energy Agency (@iaeaorg)
Geoff Brumfiel, one of our colleagues at Nature (@gbrumfiel)
The Japan Times (@japantimes)
U.S. Geological Survey (@USGS)
American Red Cross (@RedCross)



GEO Geohazards Supersite, which include preliminary results contributed by researchers.

The Guardian’s video page, which has compiled footage from Reuters, NHK, ANN and others.

International Society for Technology in Education, which provides teaching tools and explanations for K-12 grade levels.

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