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One in 10 veterans returns from combat in Iraq reporting serious mental health issues

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iraq war veterans 10 ptsd depression functionalVeterans of war have been known to suffer from high incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and traumatic brain injury in addition to any physical wounds. And a new study of thousands of U.S. Army soldiers returning from combat duty in Iraq found up to 31 percent reported symptoms of PTSD or depression as long as a year after returning from the battlefield.

Between 2004 and 2007, 18,305 soldiers returning from Active Component and National Guard infantry brigade combat teams completed surveys that screened for PTSD, depression and other trends, such as alcohol abuse, aggression and general difficulties getting along in civilian life, three months and a year after the soldiers returned from deployment in Iraq.

Based on general definitions of the disorders the researchers found that 20.7 to 30.5 percent of soldiers met the criteria for PTSD, and 11.5 to 16 percent met the criteria for depression. And "using the strictest definitions with high symptom rates and serious functional impairment," the authors found up to 11.3 percent of soldiers had PTSD and up to 8.5 percent suffered from depression. Between 8.5 and 14 percent of soldiers reported "serious functional impairment" due to their symptoms, the authors noted in their study, which was led by Jeffrey Thomas, of the Division of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and published online June 7 in Archives of General Psychiatry.

About half of soldiers who had PTSD or depression also reported aggressive behavior or misuse of alcohol, "findings [that] indicate that it may be beneficial to screen for alcohol and aggressive behaviors when soldiers present for treatment of PTSD or depression," Thomas and colleagues noted in the study.

Rather than improving over time, the soldiers’ conditions seemed to worsen from three months to 12 months after returning from combat. (The rates over time increased "most dramatically" in National Guard soldiers, who also only have free medical coverage for the first six months after deployment, the researchers noted.) These findings show that even a year after deployment "many combat soldiers have not psychologically recovered," the authors reported, suggesting a need for greater mental health monitoring and coverage for soldiers coming back from active combat.

The report also "has immediate implications for current Department of Defense policy and troop rotations," the authors noted, as standard time between deployment assignments for many combat groups is 12 to 18 months. And for those in the service these days, multiple deployments are likely. "If soldiers are struggling with serious functional impairments as the result of a previous deployment are deployed again, there is potential that this could impair their performance in combat," Thomas and colleagues observed. "This has implications for the safety of unit members and mission success."

The rates of PTSD and depression might also have longer-term effects beyond the first year or subsequent deployment. Another study, published in the same issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, found that older veterans with PTSD were more than twice as likely to have dementia.

The researchers, led by Kristine Yaffe, of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco’s School of Medicine, surveyed 174,806 veterans (with a mean age of 68 years, who had not been diagnosed for dementia), and found that even after adjusting for other factors, including general demographics, depression, head injury and substance abuse, those with PTSD were still more likely to meet the criteria for dementia. Although the study did not have enough data to establish causation, the authors noted that the link has "important public health, policy, and biological implications…As patients with PTSD age, these adverse health conditions usually increase with frequency."

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  1. 1. Archimedes 7:34 am 06/8/2010

    Certain typified manifestations of PTSD, the "startle reaction", "hyper alertness", and "trouble getting along in civilian life" are, in reality merely appropriate adaptive mechanisms for the combat soldier rather than maladaptive inherent psychiatric manifestations. Both the "startle reaction" and the "hyper alert" symptoms, two manifestations typified of PTSD, are highly appropriate in the combat situation. They keep a soldier alive. These typically slowly fade away with time as they are no longer appropriately adaptive. The "trouble getting along in civilian life" reflects, in part, that fact that the USA is a feminist bourgeois society which typically rejects those masculine characteristics which are requisite in the combat environment and which are developed in the same. This feminist bourgeois society targeted returning Vietnam Veterans for the same reasons.
    Thus, while the maladaptive elements of PTSD, both in the combat and civilian environments, depression and severe anxiety, should deemed symptomatic of PTSD, the aforementioned exceptions, alone, should not be considered psychiatric maladaptive behaviors typical of a psychiatric disorder. I served as an infantryman with the U.S. Army in Vietnam.

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  2. 2. Dolmance 8:00 am 06/8/2010

    More than one out of ten inductees going into the military are seriously mentally ill to start with. It’s just that once they’re veterans, society has a bit of concern for them and it gets reported.

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  3. 3. Dolmance 8:28 am 06/8/2010

    A lot of those guys got their PTSD at home growing up. Mental illness is endemic in the US and it’s rarely if ever treated. And a lot of the people going into the military these days are blue collar kids motivated more by an attempt to escape a bad job situation and lousy opportunities than by patriotism. It’s rough to serve one’s country at great peril only to find yourself back in the same situation you were trying to escape from in the first place.

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  4. 4. jtdwyer 9:28 am 06/8/2010

    Dolmance – Very good point re. preexisting conditions. It would be much more meaningful if these surveys had also been taken on service entry.

    Regarding alcohol abuse, aggressive behavior and ‘difficulties getting along’ in civilian life – do these results surprise anyone, considering that these people were trained for combat and in many cases served extended tours of duty in combat conditions?

    In the Viet Nam war, soldiers were offered a one week ‘R&R’ ‘vacation’ in a pleasant environment and their tour of duty was limited to 1 year, extended only voluntarily. Not to mention that calming marihuana was widely available in addition to aggression producing alcohol.

    I don’t know about R&R for these troops, but considering that they’ve been required to serve indefinite, extended tours of combat duty, I’m amazed they’re doing so well. Of course, the fact that their condition is being evaluated indicates some responsible concern for their condition that was not afforded Viet Nam vets, who were generally welcomed back home as if they had been dirty war-mongers.

    You know, a post tour R&R, including marihuana therapy, might do wonders for those aggressive tendencies, to take the edge off…

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  5. 5. sparcboy 11:38 am 06/8/2010

    Archimedes….thank you for your service and sacrifices!!!

    Dolmance…"preexisting conditions". There was a study of Vietnam vets that found exactly that. Men who had a childhood and consequently healthy coping mechanisms, who displayed symptoms of PTSD, were eventually able to overcome/outgrow them and lead relatively normal lives. And men did not have good childhoods and consequently had poor coping mechanisms, were more likely to have more severe PTSD symptoms and less likely to overcome them.

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  6. 6. morrkate 11:48 am 06/8/2010

    I am an infantry wife and have we are currently preparing for yet another 12 month deployment. While I appreciate the comments, and admit to seeing some soldiers with "preexisting conditions" there are tons of good soldiers out there that we just don’t know how to help. While this study is important and relevant, I would love to read more about what we can actually do about it. How do we help those that we recognize need help? What can we do to help prevent the increasing odds that something will spark in a soldier? What can I do to help my soldier upon his return? Are there things that I can do before and during the deployment as well? Thanks.

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  7. 7. morrkate 11:49 am 06/8/2010

    Are there preventative measures that we can do on our own?

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  8. 8. jtdwyer 1:39 pm 06/8/2010

    morrkate – As a Viet Nam vet, all I can responsibly tell you is to support your husband and lobby the military for treatment programs, for the still healthy soldiers as well of those having problems.

    It’s a good sign that they are studying the issue. Things are different now that professional soldiers are capital resources, not the disposable expenses of the conscripted military. Hopefully they will value their resources and invest in the future. As in any bureaucratic organization, it may take persistence to get proper attention. Best wishes.

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  9. 9. sparcboy 8:50 am 06/9/2010

    mokrrkate & jtdwyer….thank you for your service and sacrifices!!!

    I am a child of a WWII veteran who still suffers from PTSD. Trust me, his family has suffered and continues to suffer along with him.

    I strongly encourage any Vet having problems to seek help for yourself and your family. If anyone deserves help, it is you.

    morrkate….I donate to organizations that assist Vets who have PTSD and / or combat related injuries.

    Also, I would like to take a second to recognize many of the doctors and especially nurses who served our military, especially in the field and were consequently traumatized by their experience.

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  10. 10. butterflyinflite 1:38 am 06/16/2010

    Dolmance, Morrkate,JTdwyer, and Archimedes First of all let me thank you and your family for your sacrifices towards the freedoms we enjoyy today. Can I quote you in a college paper I am doing. If it is ok please tell me what your rank was possiblely where you served/ were and what years if you would not mind It would be nice to know your hometown as well. You have made some excellant points here, and what better resources than those that served Thanks to all of you.. Helen Crary College student

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  11. 11. butterflyinflite 1:47 am 06/16/2010

    Dolmance, Morrkate,JTdwyer, and Archimedes, First of all let me thank you and your family for your sacrifices towards the freedoms we enjoy today. I am married to a Marine(once a Marine always a Marine), have a brother who served in desert storm, shield, and victory,my nephew who is on his second deployment, now in Aphghanistan, as well as having my future son-in law scheduled to deploy in March, so I am familiar with those sacrifices and fears of family of veterans and soldiers. Can I quote you in a college paper I am doing? If it is ok please tell me what your rank was/ is, possiblely where you served/ were and what years if you would not mind,it would be nice to know your hometown as well. You have made some excellant points here, and what better resources than those that served for us. Thanks to all of you..and God Bless. Looking forward to hearing from any and preferrably all of you Veterans. Helen Crary 1rst year College student Blackhawk Tech. Janesville Wisconsin

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