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Scientific American launches “World Changing Ideas” video contest

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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Got an idea for a better tomorrow? Enter it into our video contest. Continuing the theme of Scientific American‘s December 2009 cover story, “World Changing Ideas,” which highlighted the power of science and technology to improve the world around us, we are encouraging readers to submit video entries about innovative ways to build cleaner, healthier, smarter ways of life.
“A world changing idea is one that pushes the frontiers in areas that are critical to improving modern life,” editor in chief Mariette DiChristina said in a statement. "We are excited to see what creative ideas our readers have.”  Ideas from last year’s story included no-money-down solar-panel installation; marine zoning to preserve fisheries; pocket-size language translators; and bus versions of subway lines for rapid mass transit.
The contest, which begins today and runs through June 14, is being run in partnership with SciVee, which will host the videos.
Scientific American editors and board of advisors will screen and judge the video-contest entries on overall impact, scientific content, concept/originality, entertainment value and production quality. There will be one winner and two runners up in each of the five categories: energy, transportation, environment, electronics and robotics, and healthcare and medicine. In addition, there will be a viewers’ choice vote in each category. All winners will be announced in August.
”Video is becoming a major factor in scientific communication and advancement. SciVee is excited to partner with Scientific American to make the World Changing Ideas even more visible across the web,” Marc Friedmann, CEO of SciVee, said in a statement.
The video submissions are limited to two to five minutes in length. Complete contest rules and upload instructions are at SciVee.

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  1. 1. candide 11:24 am 02/1/2010

    Pay It Forward

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  2. 2. Danichan 9:08 pm 02/1/2010

    Why do you always limit your contests to Americans? Don`t you want to really have the best ideas, or you just want the best ideas among Americans?
    Your really limiting your chances of getting a real "world changing" idea this way.
    Well, it`s your loss.

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  3. 3. Spiders 6:22 pm 02/6/2010

    Especially given the content and name, perhaps this contest should be held in conjunction with, a fantastic site in and of itself!

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  4. 4. Ana Dollika 3:34 pm 03/30/2010

    Ahhh!! Why is this only for Americans? I agree with Danichan, this makes no sense if you really want to "change the world." True change involves more than one perspective and to only accept American entries is very closed-minded! A cross-cultural vision makes a HUGE difference!

    I speak three languages (I am very fluent in English) and diligently study science. I was really inspired to make a video until I realized this only applied to US citizens… My nationality should not cut me off from participating…

    This is so unfair, and even pointless. Please explain me why non-US citizens cannot participate.

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  5. 5. Ana Dollika 3:36 pm 03/30/2010

    (explain TO me*. ;) )

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  6. 6. Ana Dollika 3:40 pm 03/30/2010

    (explain to me*. ;) Substituting words can create errors…)

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