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Anthropology in Practice

Updates to “Signs of Life”

The submissions for the Signs of Life album are coming in and they’re fantastic! Here are some of the recent editions: Bike in Cassis, France (Aug. 2011). Submitted by John Derbyshire Fabric display on Broadway, (Oct. 2010). Submitted by Wendy Caster. LA Nights, 2011. Shared by Jason Goldman. Submissions are most certainly welcomed. Send them [...]

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Not bad science

The world at night – blacklighting: how it works and some amazing photos


Eran Levin is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Arizona. His research is with hawk moths, but catching them means that he gets to see a plethora of other critters. Here he shares how blacklighting works, alongside some photos of it.   Hawk moths are among the best flyers in nature. Their very strong [...]

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