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Not bad science

Spiders are Disturbed by Human Noise

Sometimes life just gets too noisy

Regardless what you might think of spiders, once you find out a bit about their behaviour it’s hard to deny that they are at the very least, interesting animals. I’ve previously written about how male spiders select females to mate with that are the least likely to eat them, how spiders can sniff out human [...]

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Not bad science

How city birds change their songs

I live in a relatively small town: the centre has three roads, no railway station and you can’t walk ten feet without running into someone you know. However, even in a small town like this you notice birds acting differently to how you might expect if they were in a more natural setting. For example, [...]

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Octopuses and squids are damaged by noise pollution

squid hearing damaged by ocean noise pollution

Not only can squids and octopuses sense sound, but as it turns out, these and other so-called cephalopods might be harmed by growing noise pollution in our oceans—from sources such as offshore drilling, ship motors, sonar use and pile driving. "We know that noise pollution in the oceans has a significant impact on dolphins and [...]

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