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Not bad science

More than honey – a review


Last night I went to see the documentary ‘More than honey’, directed and produced by the Swiss film-maker Markus Imhoof. As I work with bees (bumblebees) and have already read a bit about colony collapse disorder and honeybee farming I wasn’t expecting too much from the film: an education on all the crops bees are [...]

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Hyperlapse Know How

From Moving Through New York by George Tompkinson

I ran across this hyperlapse video of Singapore the other day: It got me thinking of a few other cities given the hyperlapse treatment, like Dubai: So I wondered, “What exactly is hyperlapse and how is it done?” I found a brief description at Know Your Meme website: “Hyperlapse Photography is a filmmaking technique that [...]

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The Last Man on the Moon


It’s no secret, I’m a space geek. And the other non-secret is I love when a good space travel book is turned into a movie. Astronaut Gene Cernan is known for being “The Last Man on the Moon” as he was the last man to walk on the moon during the Apollo 17 mission. Even [...]

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The Perfect 46: The Future is Near


Visit, and it looks like any business web page. The Perfect 46 purports to be a company that uses the power of genomics, the information stored in the entirety of your DNA–your genome–to determine if you are with “the one” for you. This is not about your perfect romantic match, but rather the perfect [...]

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World’s Smallest Stop Motion Movie Made with Atoms!

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 10.07.20 AM

A darling stop motion video was released yesterday and is already a big hit. IBM took the challenge of moving 5,000 atoms around in order to create a short stop motion video, capturing the images using a scanning tunneling microscope. How important is the scanning tunneling microscope in science? Half of the 1986 Nobel Prize [...]

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Moon-day Mood Music Video

For All Mankind DVD

Today’s Monday Music Video is not a music video per se, but instead features three songs from a soundtrack to an excellent movie about the Apollo missions. Evoking a sense of weightlessness and other-worldliness is an intuitive goal for most music on videos, movies, and TV programs featuring space and space travel. No one has [...]

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Streams of Consciousness

Want to Change Your Life? This Movie Might Inspire You

People V. The State of Illusion, a new docudrama from Samuel Goldwyn Films, is a mixture of fiction and brain science that, despite these awkward bedfellows, was compelling enough to keep me up late on a Friday night. Although most of the well-worn findings parroted by the movie’s parade of experts were not new to [...]

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The Countdown

Water on Mars, and More – The Countdown, Episode 32

Marks left in Martian soil by the Curiosity Rover's SAM instruments, which were used to test for the presence of water. (Credit: NASA)

                More to explore: Universe May Be Curved, Not Flat (Scientific American)… Air Apparent: Pluto’s Eternal Atmosphere (Scientific American)… Astronaut and a Writer at the Movies (New York Times)… Analysis of Surface Materials by the Curiosity Mars Rover (Science Magazine)… Ancient Supervolcanoes Revealed on [...]

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