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Beautiful Minds

Reasoning Training Increases Brain Connectivity Associated with High-Level Cognition

Illustrator: George Doutsiopoulos

A number of studies across various domains– from juggling to taxi navigation to meditation to music to motor learning to processing speed– demonstrate the importance of experience on patterns of neural connectivity. Finally, the cognitive ability domain is catching up. In recent years, neuroscientists have discovered a large-scale brain network critical for novel and complex goal-directed [...]

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Not bad science

How is Past Experience Biasing Our Decision-Making? Insights from Rock Ants

The rock ant Temnothorax rugatulus

Think about all the decisions you’ve made today. Even if you’re reading this in the morning, you’ve probably already made hundreds or even thousands of decisions, without even thinking consciously about most of them. We like to think of ourselves as being in control of our own decisions, and making rational, well-informed choices. However, more [...]

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