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Dog Spies

Don’t Sell Your Dog Short


In 1996, veteran dog trainer Jean Donaldson picked a fight with Walt Disney. Donaldson begins her book Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Dogs by explaining that people continue to buy into a made-up, Walt Disney version of dogs. According to Disney, the dog “is very intelligent, has [...]

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Not bad science

Does Your Dog Know What Sex You Are From The Sound of Your Voice?

To analyse which way the dogs were looking, the researchers used videos of the dogs to see which way their head was oriented compared to a centre line

  After glancing at the people in the photo above, what did you think? Perhaps you just thought ‘four people’, or ‘older people’, but it’s likely if I asked you to describe it you would say, ‘two men, two women’. As humans, we love to categorize things. Upon meeting a new person you’re likely to [...]

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Not bad science

Why do dogs yawn when they see sleepy humans?

Dogs yawn in response to humans yawning

Watch this video Did it make you yawn? Well if it did then you’re not alone. Humans exhibit ‘contagious yawning’, where just seeing another individual makes you want to yawn yourself. Why we yawn at all isn’t entirely clear. Some say it helps keep us awake, others say it has a role in group communication – [...]

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